Mama & The Boys, checking the joys.

Skateboy: A firecracker of supreme intellect but little patience (you’d be amazed how often those two traits go hand-in-hand) who gets his kicks on the board, trying out bowls, testing tricks. He’s little but mighty and (for once) super determined to keep falling down and getting back up again because, hey, you get out what you put in, right?!? His main goal is to watch every Tony Hawk video ever made and skate every skatepark ever built…peace to La Iglesia Skate, you’re on our hit list!

Trainman: The tiniest train enthusiast this side of Montreal, with past life memories to match. He drove ’em before and is convinced that he will again! His plans are to move to Europe when he’s 8, so he can ride the real deal back-and-forth to school. 😀 Introduce him to anything, or anywhere, remotely “trainy” and he’s in Seventh Heaven. (Just don’t tell him that there are no working trains within a hundred miles of here and you won’t have to hear him yowl.) Chugga chugga, choo choo…

The Structure Sleuth: Be it a castle, a barn, an old factory or a freaking underground bomb shelter…heck, even rusted out classic cars in the woods… the Structure Sleuth is in her glory. “Must document!” comes the little Golem voice from within. Sure, studying for a grad degree in Building Conservation and holding a quasi-official position on a semi-governmental body technically make her a “professional,” but, really, there’s nothing professional about juggling a camera while plunging your wellington boots into non-descript industrial mud by twilight, no matter which way you slice it. Give me art & architecture or give me death!