Go Skateboarding Day!

Heya, hiya, hoya. Happy Canada Day! True North, baby!

Right, so, a couple weeks back it was National Go Skateboarding Day. We, meaning Mama Sleuth and the Skateboy, had planned to traipse to the city and check out the Pop-up Skate sponsored by Octopus Skateboards but, we failed to calculate end-of-school-year events in our own locale as well as severe allergic reactions to one’s first bee sting. (Skateboy is ok, after the histamine overdose and subsequent infection, praise be to the Great Goddess.)

So, sadly, we missed the Pop-up Skate but, luckily some dear soul took vids and spliced them up into a nice montage. Looks like a good time, with stereotypical police attention but, some great prizes too.

Now, for your viewing pleasure…Go Skate Day, Halifax, 2018…

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