A New Skatepark? Say, What?!?

Well, the community has been waiting a long time and encountering many hurdles, but the day is nearly here…Bridgewater will soon have it’s own skatepark!

The site, like so many in Nova Scotia, seems to have been at least partially reclaimed from swamp and scrub ground. But, no matter. The location, just adjacent to the new Lunenburg County Lifestyle Centre (LCLC), is really quite ideal. It’s easy to get to and allows parents and younger siblings to engage in other activities while teens and tweens rock the new skatepark.

Officially the park is not yet open but all features of Phase 1 are in place and fully functional. The grand opening event is scheduled for July 14th, 2018 from noon to 3pm…music and snacks included. (Fundraising for Phase 2 continues. Please donate!)

Apparently there will be a week-long summer day camp focused on skateboarding safety that is on site sometime in August. Skateboy is jazzed about the opportunity!

So, without further adieu, the new facility…

Though it lacks a complete bowl, the ramps, obstacles, transitions and shortcrete elements, as well as the longer flat areas, make this a fabulous park for absolute beginners to learn on, while still providing plenty of interest for the more seasoned skater/BMXer. Mayhaps it’ll never receive the type of buzz, or long-distance visitors, as the Mersey Skatepark in nearby Liverpool but it will no doubt become a beloved recreational space for long-neglected skateboarders (and their parents) from the Bridgewater area.

My favourite element of this new park is the crete ledge in the middle. I feel that it’s a little something special which I’ve not seen at other Nova Scotia skateparks.

Concrete, in it’s pristine form, no matter how fluid the lines, is just a wee bit lifeless and cold. Methinks it must be the greyness of it all.

I, for one, think a park comes alive with colour, with words, with murals. Yes, with…graffiti. Though Canadians, and rural Canadians in particular, seem to frown upon taking part in such street art, it may be that we could all donate some cash, vote on an artist and commission a few great pieces to bring the skatepark alive? Just a thought.

This park is quite a nice addition overall, long needed in this town.

My only beef, as a Mama Bear, is the positioning of the upright metal element just in front of the back wall and rail. I get the appeal, when coming at the feature from the ramp in front, of sliding up and off. The concern is that it is dead centre of the field, and aimed right at your midsection, when riding down from the curved wall just behind. Perhaps, had it been positioned off to one side or the other but, though it remains to be seen whether it causes any problems, I do feel that the current location is bit on the less safe side in terms of design.

I failed to snap a picture of the shiny red picnic table but I imagine that a fair share of gatorade’s and wads of gum will soon adorn it’s surrounds. I look forward to a little skater community growing up around the place, one that my Skateboy can become a part of. Not that we mind travelling to more distant parks but that this one will add a sense of ownership and home for the local skate-obsessed school kids and, hopefully, some more seasoned actors who can serve as mentors.

Here’s to the future, Bridgewater! Looking forward to Phase 2 of development. 🙂

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