Finally, a Local Skateboarding Instructional

Well, after two years of “just messin’ about” with his little skateboard on our front walkway, Skateboy is trés jazzed that Mama Structure Sleuth finally managed to find a local get-together with experienced skaters offering up instruction to younger newcomers.

The event ‘Skate Fundamentals‘ was offered at the most rad local skate park, just recently constructed in Liverpool. The Mersey Skatepark has already become one of the most highly-celebrated in Eastern Canada, mostly for the size and variety of it’s ramps, bowls and obstacles. It was clearly designed by someone who loves to skate.

On our way to the event we had to stop and pick up a new set of pads for Skateboy. He chose Spiderman, por supuesto.

Upon arriving at the skate park it became clear that we were not the only folks who had been waiting for someone to host an event like this, especially since it had only just stopped raining moments before the event began. Ontario is chock full of skateboarding shops, lessons and summer camps but, naturally, we don’t get the full urban plethora of events and opportunities over here in peaceful, pokey ole Nova Scotia.

The two main instructors for the day were Jesse Watson of Homegrown Skateboards and an acquaintance of mine named Jay. They were both upbeat, knowledgeable and patient…a great combination for teaching frustrated know-it-alls like my Skateboy. 😛

Once he was finally shown a few things and set free on his own, Skateboy was truly in his element. He’d been hoping to get deeper into this skateboarding gig for a loooong time. Jesse was giving him some guidance on skating the ramp, but the board Skateboy had was…um…barely a board and more of a Barbie toy.

Jesse popped by to say that the Skateboy was “really hungry for it” and asked should the Mama mind if he let Skateboy use his full-sized board. No probs.

Well, once he was on a really great board, Skateboy rocked it! He was so proud of himself and lost all sense of frustration. Mama was also overjoyed to see him “fail” at something, scuff himself up a little bit and still persevere. (Perseverance not being his strong suit in past endeavours.)

The instructors, noticing his quick gains, remarked that he was “a natural” and were equally impressed with his tenacity. None of this was too much of a surprise to Mama Structure Sleuth who is a born intuitive and saw “skater” written all over Skateboy’s energy when he was about two or three months old…no joke.

Skateboy enjoyed himself so much that we stayed a total of 4 hours at the skate park and, thanks to Jesse and Jay both relinquishing their boards to him at various stages, the lil Skateboy got exceptionally good at the ramp by the end of it all. Super thanks to Amanda who dropped by with drinks and chips for the dedicated stragglers who remained til the very end.

It being National Health and Fitness Day we were also treated to a visit from former Olympic skiing champion Nancy Green who stopped by to meet all the kids and talk about the fundamentals of professional skiing. Skateboy was unimpressed, as Nancy Green did not in any way look like a skate ramp to him. 😀

On the way home, sweating but energized, Skateboy declared “That was fun!” Trust me, that is a major seal of approval from this kid. He undoubtedly has many years of loitering and running skate parks in his future. (Hey, at least that’s more active than mall-ratting…hahaha!)

*The comic highlight of Mama Sleuth’s day was being told that she had clearly “dressed the part” as she so obviously looked like “a Skater Mom.” The concept made me chuckle and I replied, “No, I’ve dressed as myself which must, in your eyes, fit the look of a “Skater Mom.” (I didn’t have the heart to tell her that, in fact, skating with Doc Marten’s is not that easy at all.) Hahahaha! OMG, some people crack me up. What the heck would she have said if I’d shown up in my 18th-century museum attire?!?

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