Skateboy Gets a Real Board

Owing to his success and the passion displayed at the recent “Skate Fundamentals” day, Skateboy has finally found a need for, and earned, a real skateboard.

Since he was upgrading from the tiniest, cheapest skateboard known to mankind, Mama Structure Sleuth thought we’d go BIG and get a nice locally made deck, crafted with love by Jesse at Homegrown Skateboards in lovely LaHave.

We had a special Mama & Skateboy Day, meaning no school on a school day, and went to Jesse’s shop to let the little man piece together his own board, with hand-chosen elements. He chose the limited run Fisherman’s Friend board, with multi-colour wheels, grip and stickers…one of which (the old school Alien Workshop one) was bequeathed to him by his late uncle Lukas…it’s been aging well in Mama’s care until this fella got old enough to slap it on a board. 🙂

After Skateboy and Jesse got the board all kitted out, the little skater got to try it out on the indoor skate bowl at Homegrown, with not too much success but, it will come in time. This is, after all, a much bigger board than he’s used to.

We left the skate shop and paused at the LaHave Bakery downstairs for some pastries and to let Mr. Skatey show off his new board to passersby.

Honestly, modesty is NOT a feature of this kid. His personality is just too huge! He’s 7 going on 17! (If I’m this exhausted NOW, what am I in for in 10 years? Ugh.)

Anyways, I couldn’t really just chuck the board in the back of my Jeep and let it start collecting dust for the remainder of the school week, so we took it for a spin at an unused school basketball court, which may or may not have been sporting a “NO SKATEBOARDING” sign that we may or may not have noticed. 😉

Considering how little actual time this guy has spent on a board, other than on our bumpy front walkway, he is really picking up “board control” pretty quickly. He’s determined and does not quit when he falls down. You’d have to know him personally to know how remarkable that is. He really WANTS this! Total skater at heart. <3

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