Sushi & Dreads

Wicked good jaunt to the city today for a few of the Skateboy and Slueth-type errands.

Skateboy is trying to beg off of his haircut and forego his long-term surfer kid hairstyle in favour of dreads. Yes, he asked for some dreads when he was three. Mama said okay to the idea while we were enrolled at Waldorf, but changed her mind when we transferred to the French School. The place just seemed a bit more, well, prim and proper.

Now that we’ve been there a couple of years and Skateboy has impressed all of the faculty with his loquacious nature, I feel it’s okay to start breaking moulds. I dissed his mohawk idea, as I imagined myself spending hours with gel and spray, perfecting the gravity-defying nature of it, only to have it crushed a couple of hours later by Skateboy’s safety helmet. Ahem, no way, José.

Alrighty then, off to Life Salon in Halifax for a dreads consult. Seems like it might be an actual GO, so we’ll keep you updated with before and afters. 😉

This Structure Sleuth is also in the city trying to source some superb industrial-style lighting for the new art/writing studio she’s going to be renting. It’s located in a fabulous old Victorian building which will house the most amazing collective of female artists and creative-types that you can imagine, complete with tourist-friendly workshop and gallery space on the lower floors. Très excited to get in there!
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Moment of Humour

Seen today on my Facebook feed. Shared here because I think it’s f-ing funny. ( Sue me. I’ve have one skateboard kid and one who may…just may…be getting into scooters. Skateboards are better. Nah-nah-nah. 😛 )

It’s sunny outside. Hit the skate park. Have a handle bar free day! 😀